Key Milestones

Beijing Tong Ren Tang's imperial supply of medications has a history of 300 years since 1723. The 30th anniversary of the international development of Beijing Tong Ren Tang and the 10th anniversary of Beijing Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd.


Beijing Tong Ren Tang has a history of 350 years since 1669.


The Company was successfully transferred of Listing From GEM to the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 29 May 2018.


“Tong Xin Tong Le.Tong Ren Tang” is the first Traditional Chinese Medicine Wellness Centre in Hong Kong, with service space over 10,000 square feet in order to provide an one-stop medical and wellness treatments.


The Company was successfully listed on GEM of the Stock Exchange on 7 May 2013.


Opening of our flagship store (Central Store) in Hong Kong on 28 July 2010. Completion of our group reorganisation in October 2010.


Opening of our first retail store (Tuen Mun Store) in Hong Kong on 1 August 2009.


Launch of our self-manufactured products: Angong Niuhuang Pills and Sporoderm broken Ganoderma Lucidum Spores Powder Capsules (“GLSPC”).


In November 2006, the construction of the production plant at Tai Po Industrial Estate in Hong Kong was completed.


Beijing Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Company Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong on 18 March 2004 with the headquarter established in Hong Kong.


Since the first year (1723 A.D.) of the reign of Emperor Yongzheng, Tong Ren Tang had been designated to supply medicines to the royal pharmacy of the Imperial Court of the Qing Dynasty for 188 years.


Tong Ren Tang was founded in 1669 by Dr. Yue Xianyang, a famous Court Physician.