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Beijing Tong Ren Tang | Healthy Life Global Choice - 350th Anniversary

Beijing Tong Ren Tang - Healthy Life Global Choice - 350th Anniversary

Founded in 1669, Beijing Tong Ren Tang was the only one serving the royal families with Chinese medicine over the reign of 8 emperors(for 188 years) . Our products are hereditary with its unique formulas.


The Beijing Tong Ren Tang was founded in the year 1669 which was the eighth year on the throne of the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi. The Beijing Tong Ren Tang is the only one serving royal families with the Chinese medicine for over 188 years throughout the reign of eight emperors since the year 1773. Today, the Beijing Tong Ren Tang is a renowned Chinese medical industry at the national level.


Today the motto of the company is “Complexity and quality are not to be forfeited by costs” and it stands by it for over 350 years, celebrating its anniversary by offering products with high quality for the benefit of consumers. The products are carefully manufactured, keeping in mind the fame and hereditary significance of the products consisting of superior formulas and unique raw materials along with being manufactured with efficacy and expert technical skills.

The strategic goals of the company are to develop an industry of health and welfare of the people all around the world. With around 140 branches spread over 29 countries and regions, the medicinal products are fast becoming popular with people all over the world. The company group was set up in the year 2004 in Hong Kong. The group has a solid presence in Hong Kong and also has ventures in the market globally. The Beijing Tong Ren Tang group aims to undertake a culture-prioritizing approach for introduction of medicine via treatments and also aims to boost the internationalization of the Beijing Tong Ren Tang company.


The Beijing Tong Ren Tang offers diagnosis and consultation in traditional Chinese medicine, which originated a long time ago in ancient China and has evolved over the last 5000 years. With its 350th anniversary this year, the Beijing Tong Ren Tang helps in promoting traditional Chinese medicine in the modern market by providing high-quality clinical services via qualified and reliable traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. Traditional Chinese medicine involves various natural medicinal practices and promotes prevention, rehabilitation, health care and treatment. For the public in overseas regions, the Beijing Tong Ren Tang clinics provide a consultation free of cost whenever appropriate. For the benefit of many patients if considered appropriate, the clinics also offer brewing services for herbal medicines. The Beijing Tong Ren Tang also offers various varieties of products and services related to traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture, herbal medicines, dietary therapies, exercise which is called as Qigong, massage which is called Tuina and many more services for treating different medical or health conditions. With its 350th anniversary, the Beijing Tong Ren Tang company has come far in the field of traditional Chinese medicine and has continued to provide the finest services in this field through its herbal products and services which are based on traditional Chinese medicine. The company has an ever- increasing global outreach in many different regions and countries today, making it one of the best in the sphere of traditional Chinese medicines.

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